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Car Care

August 5, 2020

Your car needs a good care for it to function well!

Here’s few tips to ensure continuous smooth driving experience:

1. Always be sure to have your tire pressure maintain at a recommended level. This is to optimise your driving performance and save your money in the long run.

2. Check your tire tread. Unlike F1 cars, we don’t have the luxury of pit crews to change our tire every 40 minutes. We need a long lasting tire that can withstand adverse weather.

3. Clean away your brake dusts. If you hearing squeaky noise on breaking, it’s likely that there are dusts sticking on your brake. Cleaning brakes every now and then will help remove this annoying noise as well as keeping the dusts away from your beloved rims. Be sure to keep your car cool before cleaning.

4. Have a look at your engine oil. It should be of amber-like colour. If it looks dark, then it is time for you to have it change. Your car may run on semi or fully synthetic oil, check your manual book to avoid depreciation of your car performance.

5. Observe the coolant level. Coolant supports the function of radiator in keeping engine heat in check. You would not want your engine overheating. So, be alert and ensure that it is at the optimum level.

6. Replace air filter. Car depends on air sucked into the engine for efficient operation. Good air filter ensure only good air flowing in. But if it is too dirty, it aint good.

7. Be vigilant on signal indicator. We relies on our turn signal to inform other motorists of our change of direction. So, be sure to have all your bulbs working.

8. Windshield wiper. Heavy rain comes without a warning, and we need clear view of the car ahead of us to manoeuvre around. Ready for action by making sure your wiper is working fine.

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